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Questions on Agricultural-Science

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The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn - Gloria Steinem

The act of unlearning is an excellent form of learning. Infact, you will need the skills of unlearning if you intend to become an expert in your desired field.

Do yourself a favor by unlearning, learning and re-learning on a daily basis

If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much - Jim Rohn

There's something special about you. It doesn't matter whether you work for a company or someone; what matters is the amount of investment you've made on yourself.

Investing in yourself is the best life plan you can design for your future

Smile - Len Academy

Peace begins with a smile - Mother Teresa

Never underestimate the power of your smile. It can lift up the depressed, improve the mood of the downtrodden and even discourage a suicidal attack. Also remember that your smile makes you more beautiful

Smile always for your own good and the good of others

The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn …and change - Carl Rogers

To perfect your learning process, you must learn, unlearn and re-learn. Infact, we all need to learn how to unlearn those vices we know about ourselves.

Do you know that seeing the devastating consequences of vices (perhaps in movies or real-life) can initiate the unlearning processes in one who does such?

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can - Arthur Ashe

Start now. You've got all it takes to achieve greatness, so no environment can limit you. Just begin something, give in your best and don't stop.

Remember, don't stop giving your best if you truly desire greatness. Nothing can stop you except yourself

Cordage is made from _____ crop.

  • A. Food

  • B. Fibre

  • C. Ornamental

  • D. Oil

  • E. Cash

  • F. Vegetables and Spice


Cordage simply means rope or string, and they are made from a variety of fibre crops such as dogbane, milkweed, hemp, flax, nettles, cattail, maple, yucca, cedar, basswood, tile, straw and so on

Please read more on the differences between crops and plants here

_____ is defined as the solid and arable part of the earth where agricultural activities are be carried out.

  • A. Soil

  • B. Farmland

  • C. Agricultural land

  • D. Biosphere

  • E. Open land

  • F. Planting and grazing land

ANSWER: Agricultural land

The definition in the question above best refers to agricultural land. This is true because an agricultural land include any type of land (present on the earth) which is used for a variety agricultural purposes. Such agricultural purposes of land will include:

  • Land for cultivation of crops

  • Land for rearing of animals

  • Land for wildlife reserve

  • Land for forest and so on

Please read more on agricultural land and its uses here

Gymnosperms and angiosperms are seed bearing plants under the division spermatophyta?

  • A. True

  • B. False


Gymnosperms and Angiosperms are seed bearing plants. Both are categorized as plants (under kingdom plantae). Similarly, both belong to the division spermatophyta (which are seed bearing plants). However, fruits are formed in angiosperms only (and not gymnosperms).

Please read more on the differences between gymnosperms and angiosperms here

Which of the following is false concerning gymnosperms?

  • A. Cones are present

  • B. Sepals are present

  • C. Petals are absent

  • D. Only seeds are produced

  • E. Sporophyll form the cones

  • F. In seed formation, the ovules aren't present in the ovary

ANSWER: Sepals are present

Gymnosperms are flowerless plants. Instead of flowers, the have got special structure called cones and these are formed from the sporophylls.

The lack of flowers in gymnosperms have got various implications. For instance, they lack the floral parts of a flower, that is: sepals, petals, stamen and carpels. In addition, the germinating seed lack ovules in the ovary, thus bringing about a lack of fruit in gymnosperms.

In flowering plants (angiosperms), the ovules becomes the seeds and the ovary, the fruit.

Please read on the differences between gymnosperms and angiosperms here

Which of the following statement is incorrect concerning seeds?

  • A. The ovary develops into the seed after fertilization

  • B. The embryo in the seed develops into a young plant

  • C. The seed's endosperm serve as a source of food reserve for the developing embryo

  • D. A seed has its own genotype

  • E. Seeds are products of sexual reproduction

  • F. Apomictic seeds aren't produced sexually and the hawkseed is an example

ANSWER: The ovary develops into the seed after fertilization

After fertilization had occured in plants, the ovule becomes the seed while the ovary, its fruit.

The _____ is the reproductive organ in plant's sexual reproduction.

  • A. Pollen grain

  • B. Ova

  • C. Sperm

  • D. Flower

  • E. Fruit

  • F. Seed

ANSWER: Flower

The flower is the reproductive organ in plant's sexual reproduction.

Understand that the floral parts of a flower are crucial for a successful sexual propagation (reproduction). They are 4 in numbers. These are:

  1. Sepals
  2. Petals
  3. Stamen
  4. Carpel

In flowering plants, fertilization occurs when the _____ comes into contact with the ova (as genetic materials are eventually exchanged).

  • A. Sperm

  • B. Endosperm

  • C. Exosperm

  • D. Stigma

  • E. Ovule

  • F. Pollen grain

ANSWER: Pollen grain

For fertilization to occur in flowering plants, the pollen grain fuses with the ova. This is the concept of sexual reproduction in plants and seeds are eventually formed via this process

Please read more on sexual reproduction in plants here

The fusion of sperm and ova in animals leads to the formation of _____.

  • A. Foetus

  • B. Embryo

  • C. Ovary

  • D. Neonate

  • E. Zygote

  • F. Egg

ANSWER: Zygote

When sperm and ova (egg) fuses together, genetic materials are exchanged and a zygote is formed in the process. This process is termed fertilization.

You can read on the male accessory sex organs here

Which of the following is a piercing and sucking insect?

  • A. Mealy bug

  • B. Army worm

  • C. Beetle

  • D. Stem borer

  • E. Locust

  • F. Grasshopper

ANSWER: Mealy bug

Insects can be classified into the followings based on their mode of feeding:

  • Biting and chewing insects
  • Piercing and sucking insects
  • Boring insects

Examples of piercing and sucking insects include mealy bugs, white flies, aphids, cotton stainer, etc.

Please read more on pest of agricultural importance here here

Any organism capable of attacking agricultural crops and produce, rendering them unsuitable for harvest and unfit for the market is termed _____.

  • A. Worm

  • B. Virus

  • C. Vector

  • D. Pest

  • E. Parasite

  • F. Pathogen


A pest in agriculture is defined as any organism capable of attacking agricultural crops and produce, rendering them unsuitable for harvest and unfit for the market.

Generally, pests can be insects, rodents, birds, monkeys, nematodes and so on.

Please read more on pest of agricultural importance here here

Which of the following is an example of oil crop?

  • A. Melon

  • B. Rubber

  • C. Flax

  • D. Moringa

  • E. Ginger

  • F. Coffee


Oil crops re grown for the purpose of their oil which they produce when processed. Examples are oil palm, groundnut, coconut and melon.

Please read more on classification of crops here (plants vs crops)

Concerning crops and plants, which of the following statement is incorrect?

  • A. All plants are not crops

  • B. All crops are plants

  • C. Cactus can be a crop

  • D. Corpse flower is not a plant

  • E. Venus flytrap is not a crop

  • F. All the options are correct

ANSWER: Corpse flower is not a plant

A crop is any plant used by humans for the purpose of food, money or something beneficial.

Corpse flower is a plant (a parasitic plant), although it's not a crop. It is shown below:

Corpse flower - Len Academy

Please read more on plants vs crops here

Which of the following is not a problem associated with agriculture?

  • A. Superfluous research facilities

  • B. Poor road network

  • C. Illiteracy

  • D. Lack of storage facilities

  • E. Limited mechanized farming

  • F. Bad government policies

ANSWER: Superfluous research facilities

Superfluous means excess. The presence of numerous agricultural research centres (agricultural extensions) will facilitate agricultural development through new innovations and agricultural education.

You can read on problems of agriculture in Nigeria here

Mallet - Len Academy

The above image is a _____.

  • A. Hammer

  • B. Crowbar

  • C. Shear

  • D. Secateur

  • E. Bolo

  • F. Mallet

ANSWER: Mallet

Mallets are similar to hammers except that its entire body is composed of wood. In an agricultural land, they are used for hitting woods into the ground.

You can read more on simple farm tools here

Cutlass - Len Academy

The agricultural tool shown in the image (above) is used for the followings except _____.

  • A. For cutting tree branches, weeds, and other plant materials in farmland

  • B. To remove dirts from the top soil

  • C. For harvesting crops like sugarcane

  • D. To clear bushes

  • E. For planting crops like melon

  • F. To dig superficial holes for the planting of seeds

ANSWER: To remove dirts from the soil

The tool in the above image is a cutlass.

A tool used for removing dirts from the soil is rake and not cutlass.

Please read more on agricultural tools and their uses here

Which of the following statement is false concerning soil erosion?

  • A. The top soil is moved from one point to another

  • B. Man is an agent that bring about soil erosion

  • C. Wind and water are natural agents of soil erosion

  • D. Sheet erosion is said to occur when the surface of a land is eroded at an unequal levels

  • E. Deforestation will increase the likehood of wind erosion

  • F. Rill erosion results in the formation of miniature dongas on land

ANSWER: Sheet erosion is said to occur when the surface of a land is eroded at an unequal levels

Sheet erosion - Len Academy

Sheet erosion occurs when the surface of a land is eroded at uniform or equal level.

Please read more on erosion here

Gully erosion - Len Academy

The above diagram shows a _____ erosion.

  • A. Wind

  • B. Sheet

  • C. Rill

  • D. Gully

  • E. Landslide

  • F. Crooked


Gully erosion typically occurs towards the bottom of a sloppy or hilly land as water (which runs downhill) creates numerous channels deep into the soil.

In a gully erosion, a gully head is formed at the bottom of the channel; and it eventually deepens and widens into the soil.

You can read more on types of erosion here

An instance of farming whereby a farmer uses animal and green manure as fertilizers in place of chemicals like NPK is termed _____.

  • A. Reformative farming

  • B. Alternative farming

  • C. Crude farming

  • D. Retrogressive farming

  • E. Non-Chemical farming

  • F. Agro-farming

ANSWER: Alternative farming

Alternative farming is defined as a farming method whereby a farmer employs the use of non-chemical intensive farming practices.

The above question is an instance of intensive farming.

Another instance of intensive farming is seen when a farmer controls pest biologically (through the use of animals that consume pest) rather than using the chemical intensive pesticides. 

The planting of 🌲 tree crops 🌲 on an area of land with little or no trees is termed _____.

  • A. Reforestation

  • B. Forestation

  • C. Forestry

  • D. Afforestation

  • E. Deforestation

  • F. Tree-Crop Plantation

ANSWER: Afforestation

When trees or tree crops are planted on a land with few or no trees, it's termed afforestation.

Afforestation is highly encouraged in our world today. This is so because plants produces oxygen as a bye product during photosynthesis.

The followings are true of accelerated erosion except _____.

  • A. It's an erosion that occurs at a faster rate than normal erosion

  • B. It's an erosion that occurs at a faster rate than natural erosion

  • C. It's an erosion that occurs at a faster rate than geologic erosion

  • D. It does not occur from human activities

  • E. It can occur from a natural catastrophe

  • F. It occurs from animal's activities

ANSWER: It does not occur from human activities

Accelerated erosion is characterised by its faster rate of occurrence; and the may be caused from human activities, animal's activities or a natural catastrophe.

You can read more on Agricultural Terms and Meanings here

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